Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Shawnee National Forest and Doc's Lakeside Cabin

  Just How Close Are You?

We get asked this question from time to time, guests wanting to know just how close is

If you knew the way you could step out the door of cabin jump a fence take a left cut across a small section of our neighbors field  and you are there. Now before you rent our cabin with the hopes of doing just that you need to keep in mind that there are over 5000 acres to explore and people do get turned around when they don't take the trails laid out for hiking. There are many "fire trails" that run along ridges and they all look the same.

We suggest taking a short 5 minute drive and going around to the entrance of the  Trail of Tears State Forest  and begin there. 

Just 3 or 4 miles west of the Trail of Tears entrance is another place of interest named  La Rue Pine Hills  that also offers spectacular views of the Mississippi River from the 160 foot bluffs and of the  Bald Knob Cross,  which by the way is another great place every guest should try and visit.

The bluffs that run over 5 miles along rt. 3 and the Trail of Tears State Park are the very same ones that Lewis and Clark wrote of in their journal in Nov. of 1803 as they traveled the Mississippi River.

La Rue Pine Hills  is also part of the  River To River Trail  that runs 160 miles for hiking and with sections for horseback riding.

The Shawnee National Forest  is a great place to visit even if your not into hiking the trails.
This is just a few of the great places to visit in and around the Shawnee National Forest and they are within a short drive from  Docs Lakeside Cabin.

 So just how close are we?     I'd say we're pretty close.